Out-of-Network or Uninsured

Each insurer has its own set of rules regarding Out -of -Network coverage but, in general, you will be eligible for our Discounted Fee Schedule which is in effect if you pay at the time of service. There is no discount for vaccines. Upon your payment, we will provide you with a detailed receipt so that you may submit it to your insurer for reimbursement. This is our Discounted Fee Schedule. This is our Vaccine Fee Schedule.

The fee will be our Standard Fee Schedule. Our Standard Fee Schedule is found here.

Yes. These rates apply as allowed if paid at the time of service.

We will accept the rates that Medicare pays as full payment as we are in-network with the traditional Medicare plan and Railroad Medicare. Please confirm with your Advantage Plan that they would accept referrals from an Out of Network Provider.

Please confirm with your insurer that your plan allows an out-of-network referral. There may be restrictions on which services are covered.

Your coverage is considered in-network as supplemental plans follow Medicare coverage rules.

We will transfer records per your written request.

Please contact your insurer for such information.

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