Please note, televisits are by appointment only and billed to your insurance company, just like a regular office visit.  Co-payments will be collected in advance. Both audio and video capability is required for your visit (this can be through your PC, laptop, iPad or smart phone) Patients need to use Chrome or Firefox and no firewalls should be present. Lastly, you must be physically in the state of Maryland during the virtual visit with your provider.  Please click on your physicians link, when it’s time for your appointment, to be taking directly to their “virtual waiting room”. There, you will enter your name and wait for your physician to connect with you. 

Dr. Stephen Hamilton
Dr. Michele Smadja-Gordon
Dr. Titus Abraham
Dr. Courtney Milne-Krohn
Dr. Katherine Anderson
Dr. Rita Shkullaku
Dr. Jennifer Cuhran
Dr. Timothy Woods
Dr. Patricia O’Neill
Dr. Andre Colaco
Susan Moreland, CRNP
Dr. Kirti Malhotra
Cara Herman, PA.
Wynn Boyle, CRNP
Sara Adelman, CRNP
Brenda Mathews-Vitello, CRNP
Heidi Marcozzi, CRNP
Mandy McNamara, CRNP
Heather Travis, CRNP
Amy Vance, CRNP